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Training that Prepares for Successful Living in the 21st Century Using 21st Century Currency to Radically Reduce the Cost of  Access

Dr. Gerald and Associates along with Living Learning In Faith Everyday Inc. (LLIFE) has developed five (5) formalized training courses to enable a smooth and gradient learning process toward community empowerment and The Life More Abundant Movement in the American society. It is important to note that although the formalized training opportunities are unique and of very high value, the most important innovation is the LLIFE’S model of organizing the Success Groups for independent and collective continuous lifetime learning experiences.

Four very important knowledge keys are particularly emphasized in each of the five sequentially presented training courses. Those knowledge keys are:

(1) Knowing who you are and you being responsible for one’s personal growth and development; (2) Understanding and defining what wealth is. Understanding the wealth creation process and how to quickly get to your wealthy place.

(3) Learning to organize and utilize teamwork in every aspect of life;

(4) Understanding and experiencing business ownership from the owner’s perspective.

The five (5) formalized training courses, Personal Growth & Development, Success Prep Series (SPS), Wealthy Place Prep Training (WPPT), New Owner Training, (NOT) The Life Build System (LBS), and the Master Builder System (MBS) are described below.

  New Owner Training 

This course content is embedded in our LBS and MBS course curricula. It is delivered in four 2-hour weekly sessions immediately upon completion of the online personal growth and development courses. There are three business companies that the new owner will immediately begin to share ownership and profits upon enrollment. This is not a standalone course.

Success Prep Series (SPS)    

This is an Introductory Course that provides an overview of the LLIFE education series. It is delivered in seven 2-hour biweekly sessions.  The Success Prep Series are designed to inspire and empower the students. This course prepares you for success. In addition, the SPS provides an in-depth analysis of the mission and strategic plan, a thorough understanding of the LLIFE’S learning systems, and the ownership process and how companies are initiated, organized and capitalized. SPS also clearly defines the rules and responsibilities of each potential Success Group member. The cost of this SPS course is reduced from the price of the LBS or MBS course when you enroll in either upon completion of the SPS course.

Captains Millionaires 90 Day Training (CMT) 

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This course is delivered through the internet over a 90 day period. This course prepares you for the creation of wealth and how to use the many processes and tools available to save and make money.  This course sets the tone on how to get out of the rat race and creates multiple streams of residual income.

    Life Build System (LBS)

This course is the centerpiece of the LLIFE’S Program and the Movement to the More Abundant Life. There are ten subjects delivered over a thirteen-month period. Each subject is designed to reinforce the power of teamwork while engaging the Success Groups in the implementation of real world ownership and community empowerment strategies and activities. The LBS also establishes the Success Group as the vehicle for continuous lifetime learning.

Master Builder System (MBS)

This course is a formalized continuous learning experience for the organization’s leadership. The leadership’s responsibility is internal, organizational, and external with respect to the community at large. The Master Builder System includes the other four courses as part of its curriculum.