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Intro to Dr. Gerald’s Life Builder System™
Part I and Part II

This Introduction to Dr. Gerald’s Life Builder System is a 2-part series of Manuals that, on a stand-alone basis, provide you with information and feedback that enable you to become more effective at whatever you are doing in life. Worksheets and other tools help make the information actionable, and ensure that you benefit from them. This is important, because Dr. Gerald insists that each of his customers get the full benefit from his training materials. Your success is his success.


Part I: Section I: Leadership

  • Leadership, Personal Growth, Community-building, and Building a Legacy that Leaves a Positive Footprint
  • Characteristics of an Effective Leader, and Analysis of Each Trait
  • Personal Effectiveness as a Leader: A self-analysis
  • Your Personal Leadership Improvement Plan
  • Levels of Leadership: Where you are on each level, and how to advance to the next level
  • How a Grasp of Relevant Information Affects Your Decision and Leadership
  • 21st Century Tools, and how they Impact Your Leadership Effectiveness
  • Survey

Part II: Section II: Knowledge-building

Personal Action Plan from Dr. Gerald

  • Analysis of the role of Information in the Decision Making Process
  • Self-analysis: where are you on the information knowledge scale?
  • Relevance – Ensuring that What You Do Matters
  • The Importance of a Learning Attitude

Part II: Section II: Financial Literacy

  • The Price of Ignorance
  • Language of Influence
  • Building Wealth and Influence Through Collaboration, Teamwork, and Networking

Cost: $799.00, payable in 2 parts. You must first complete the Survey in Part I before proceeding to Part II.

Initial Payment: $399.00


The voices of people in our communities throughout the nation, and indeed throughout the world, cry out in pain and frustration at their seeming inability to lift themselves out of a hand-to-mouth existence. There is a pervasive feeling of impotence and foreboding that destroy a sense of self-worth, and even worse, leads to crime and hatred among people. But it doesn’t have to be this way. We have simply failed to prepare ourselves for the massive shift to the Age of Information – an Information Society filled with Knowledge workers.

Leaders of today and tomorrow must embrace this Information Society if we are to change the socio-economic conditions that mire our communities. We can – and must – change the tide. The price of ignorance and inaction are too high. We can – and must – learn a new language based on principled living and leadership; shared values, work, and rewards; success through networks of collaboration; and an environment that encourages all to find, explore, and contribute their unique and personal voice. Finally, we must develop leaders whose vision and passion foster focused execution of the new vision and goals.