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Master Builder System (MBS)

12,000.00 GLD


The Master Builder System™

Pay in Goldcoin

This is the ultimate system for those who wish to move beyond personal wealth; they wish to build a legacy that will impact their communities for generations.

The Master Builder System delivers the equivalent learning of dual terminal degrees in 21st century economics for urban living and leadership.

Dr. Gerald has formed alliances with experts in key areas that complement his own formidable knowledge. He personally works with each student to ensure that learning is experiential, not merely textbook learning. He and his team are vested in learning outcomes. Each student who completes this complex system is expected to participate in a sustainable community-building enterprise, develop a network of supportive relationships, and establish a framework that supports becoming a great leader.

Here are just a few of the topics that are included in the Master Builder System:

  1. Behavioral Intervention
  2. Effective Communications
  3. Understanding Wealth
  4. Leadership Development
  5. Effective Teamwork
  6. Business Management
  7. Resource Acquisition
  8. Success Networking


Cost: 12,000 Goldcoin





This program is available to a select group of people who demonstrate a desire to work collaboratively to build successful, sustainable communities as well as personal wealth.

When you purchase this course you are automatically enrolled, for free, in Dr. Gerald’s Private Membership Club, where you will have access to information and tools that will radically alter your world view about finance, community activism, education, and much more.

Contact Dr. Gerald directly at to express your interest.



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