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An Introduction to Collaboration, Teamwork, and NETWORKING: a case for working together systematically to achieve successful living

by Dr. Gerald A. Higginbotham and Joyce M. Coleman

If you want to achieve successful living, this book is a great first step. Dr. Gerald A. Higginbotham and Joyce M. Coleman show you how working together systematically leads to successful living. In this 2nd edition of the book, you will learn why we are in such a sad fix economically, without control of our: communities, politics, schools, or culture. It incorporates insights gleaned from experiences in the trenches and then outlines exactly how we can begin to correct the situation. This is a must read if we are to move forward in the 21st century.

Collaboration, Teamwork, and Networking is built on the framework of Cooperative Economics. We expand the concept to include social systems, and suggest a more robust participation in the political process. The book is aimed at providing a snapshot of how the existing economic, political, and social systems favor the status quo. We tried to paint a word picture of what the status quo looks and feels like in many of our nation’s urban communities. Our aim is to show that inactivity and denial are not options. The book offers a framework for people and organizations to be proactive in combining their resources to create businesses that produce jobs and other services that help communities to thrive.

This second edition provides plain talk about what really happens when you introduce a new vision of what could be, one that is readily attainable. It addresses how fear of change, even change for the better, can hold people hostage. This fear of change is beyond economic status, beyond gender. It is a human condition. However, it can be overcome. We offer insights on how to overcome the fear that keeps us locked in situations that are not good for us, nor are they good for our families and communities.

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We show you that working together we can achieve and aspire to a greater future. It is by this principle, teamwork versus working alone, offers the best solution to our problems.

We bring different skill sets, experiences, and perspectives to the project. One of us is rooted in a biblical, spiritual, and activist perspective; the other from a people, process and systems environment. However, we both agree on a vision for change, a need for change, and that people are more than up to the task of making change happen. We also agree that mind, body, and spirit must be integrated in order for positive, sustainable change to happen. We both believe that all things are possible through Christ who strengthens us.

Since our first book was released, the world we predicted has become reality. The need for change is more compelling than ever. Economic circumstances and their global impact have demonstrated that is no longer wise or safe to be dependent upon “somebody else” for jobs, wealth, political influence, or desirable communities in which to live. The time is right now to initiate practices based on shared vision, goals and wealth-building.

We saw firsthand the impact of resistance to change, and the issue of trust.

Change is hard. The familiar is comforting, even when uncomfortable. If one is advocating change, the benefits of change must clearly outweigh the loss of comfort factor. Those benefits must be seen in vivid color, and understood on a visceral level.

Although we already knew theoretically that trust must be earned, our experiences demonstrated that it’s more complicated than that. Therefore, in this issue we address practical ways to begin and nurture environments conducive to trust.

Our forefathers had a more compelling impetus for working together than our generation. It was clear to them that life and liberty were at stake. Now, that clarity of understanding is muddied. We perceive that there is a less compelling case for working together because there is an illusion of safety. Our perception is, sadly, flawed. Today, just as it was for our forefathers, it is critical that we find common ground around which we can unite. Our very lives depend on it.

Sadly, we must admit that this 2nd edition of Collaboration, Teamwork, and Networking only scratches the surface of issues that should compel change, and actions needed to facilitate that change. However, we must begin somewhere. That somewhere has already been initiated by others, and we are only a small part of the process. What we do know is the process we recommend is based upon an age-old practice or working together to achieve a common vision that has, unfortunately, fallen by the wayside over decades. We’ve taken that practice – collaboration, teamwork, and networking – and through focus and systems created a new dynamic that addresses and solves many 21st Century issues that threaten our security and survival.

Enjoy and be Blessed!


About Joyce M. Coleman

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Joyce M. Coleman is an author, speaker, and consultant who independently and collaboratively leads individuals and business owners in strategic discovery conversations. Through her facilitated dialogue, her clients have become writers, expanded their network of resources, and expanded their business offerings.

Joyce is a former corporate officer for a fortune 500 company, and has developed customer experience management programs for universities and other organizations.

Joyce is also author of the critically acclaimed memoir, Soul Stirrings: How looking back gives each of us the freedom to move forward (recently re-released in Kindle format), and the recently released 2nd edition of Collaboration, Teamwork, and Networking. She has authored many business-oriented writings that are published widely on the Internet.

Joyce is a voracious collaboration practitioner. It enables her to participate in a broad spectrum of activities, such as working with Langston University’s STEM Digital Village, the National Eagles Leadership Institute, and the Black Hair Project, High School CEOs Project, and developing human capabilities among urban communities. Her real passion is facilitating self-discovery that enables people to leverage their knowledge and skills to achieve strategic goals.