Motivational Speaker, Author & Trainer Dr. Gerald Higginbotham

Recent events at Ferguson Missouri have prompted Dr. Gerald Higginbotham to re-focus on his passion, helping communities heal and prosper. The third edition of his book, Collaboration, Teamwork, and Networking: a case for working together systematically to achieve successful living, elaborates on the process for change he outlines in earlier editions of this book. It is scheduled for release early October, 2014.

A Basis For Change

Dr Gerald Higginbotham Motivational Speaker and Trainer
In his books and at the podium, Dr. Higginbotham asks, “Do you participate in or even influence those decisions that are being made on a daily basis that have an effect on your life? What do you know about economics?” He explains: “If you don’t understand economics and you depend on others to make the right decisions on your behalf, you will never be free.”

This son of the 1965 Watts race riots that has become a commercial airline pilot of 25 years as well as a renowned author and trainer has firsthand knowledge of what happens when community members are not full participants in their own destiny. He has devoted every spare moment of his life to gaining insights on finding solutions that will alter the course of downward spirals that result when members of a community are not included in things that directly affect them. His books reflect his insights and forward leaning solutions.